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Be my Valentine


Treat someone special with this luxuriously handcrafted, heart-shaped greeting card. Featuring a rich, embossed texture and an original watercolor painting of a playful puppy holding a donut, this card is a work of art, perfect for expressing love and playful wishes. A handcrafted flower adds a touch of whimsy, while the quality, heart-shaped blank paper inside offers space for your heartfelt message.

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Discover the perfect ” Be my Valentine” message with this unique card

Share a sprinkle of sweetness with this charming ” Be my Valentine” card! Featuring a loyal puppy with a heartfelt message, it’s sure to spark a smile.

Valentine’s Day is a special reminder to share love, but let’s make every day count! A beautiful, handcrafted card is a timeless way to express your heartfelt sentiments. This luxuriously crafted greeting card features the captivating art of E. Movileanu, embellished by a gleaming gold foil heart that contrasts with the richly embossed red cardstock. The embossed texture adds visual and tactile appeal, creating a multi-sensory experience. Crafted from acid-free and lignin-free 65lb cardstock paper, this card ensures your message will be cherished for years to come. A white shimmer heart insert provides ample space for a handwritten note, while our company’s logo, subtly embossed on the back, adds a final touch of elegance.

Dogs are famous for their unwavering love and loyalty to their humans. This aligns with Valentine’s Day as a celebration of love in all its forms. Loving companions, many dogs have a fun-loving and energetic nature, reflecting the lighter, playful side of Valentine’s Day celebrations. The puppy image instantly evokes feelings of warmth, playful affection, and the undeniable bond between pets and their people. This reminds us of the purest form of love, without pretense or expectation. The heart-shaped frame around the puppy emphasizes the idea of the “heart” as the center of our emotions.  It reminds us that love can flourish in companionship, whether romantic or with our loyal furry friends.

This heartwarming Valentine’s card captures the essence of love with a playful twist! I intentionally chose a loyal puppy, a universal symbol of unconditional affection, to create an immediate connection with the recipient. With a mischievous twinkle in its eye, the puppy clutches a half-eaten donut, adding a touch of sweetness and whimsy to the design. This card celebrates the joyous, unwavering love we share with our dearest companions!


Inspirational ” Be my Valentine” poems you can use for your Valentine’s Day card:


For Her:

“Roses are red, violets are blue,

My heart has chosen, and it’s chosen you.

With every smile, my love grows more,

Will you be my Valentine, now and evermore?”


“Forget boxes of chocolate, or flowers so grand,

I’d rather hold your smile, or maybe your hand.

You’re funny and smart, the best in the room.

A Valentine like you would sweep me off my broom”


For Him:

“Sometimes words fail, they don’t feel quite right,

But my heart knows true, with all of its might.

Your laughter, your spirit, the way that you care,

Could you be my Valentine, a love we can share?”


“You make my heart bounce like a super high ball,

With you by my side, I’d never ever fall.

Let’s ditch cheesy movies, heart-shaped candy too,

And go on an adventure, just me and you.

So what do you say, will you take a chance?

Be my Valentine, let’s have a crazy fun dance!”


“Wagging tails and puppy dog eyes,

You fill my heart with joyful surprise.

Let’s fetch some love on this Valentine’s Day,

Be mine forever, let’s run and play!”


” You’re the best furry friend, everyone knows.

Loyal and true, your heart shines so bright.

Be my Valentine, day and through night.”


“You drool on my shoes, and shed all the time,

But your clumsy ways are like sweet pantomime.

Let’s share some treats on this day full of cheer,

Be my furry Valentine, you wacky and dear!”


“My love for you, it’s warm and it’s bright,

Like a puppy’s wagging tail, a pure, happy sight.

Eyes filled with devotion, and a heart always near,

A love that’s unwavering, through every new year.


Loyal and playful, that’s how my heart will be,

With you by my side, where we’re meant to be free.

Just like a puppy’s pure love, without any disguise,

My love for you shines, and that’s my biggest prize.


So let’s hold hands tight, and share this sweet way,

Our love’s like a puppy, here forever to stay!”


“A sprinkle of sugar, a sweet morning treat,

We break this glazed donut, our happiness  complete.

Your puppy eyes sparkle, with playful delight,

You nudge me for a taste, I know that it’s right.


A nibble for you, and a nibble for me,

This shared bit of sweetness, our love plain to see.

Your tail wags with joy, such a simple reward,

Loyal and trusting, like words never spoken aloud.


The donut will crumble, and someday be gone,

But your love will stay steady, forever so strong.

Unwavering devotion, a gift true and rare,

My best furry friend, beyond all compare. ”

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